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My World According To Me...

Irish Dancers Kick Ass

10 June
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i was an irish dancer with the liam harney school of irish dance and will always be an irish dancer @ heart even if im not dancin @ the moment. i graduated high school in 2004!go eastlake c/o 2004!! i love starbucks coffee, goin to feis's, dancin @ dublin square and the field, hanging with friends, listening to music and eating! yeah! irish dancers kick a**!

livin in el paso now goin to UTEP...its freakin crazy! so many new things to explore and see...ya right, its el paso, whats there to see???????
"you smell", 28 days later, 6 flags, amc movie theater, american idol, animals, baseball, batman, bean bag chairs, belmont park, black cats, borders, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, candy, caramel frappiccino, cat woman, celtic designs, chocolate, christmas, claddagh, coffee, comfortable pillows, comic-con 2004, corvette diner, crazy mouse ride, cruel intentions, del mar fair, disney characters, disney movies, disneyland, donnie darko, driving, dublin square, dvds, eating, edward scissorhands, el toro ink house, fairies, fight club, finding nemo, fireworks, flying, food, foot massage chairs, french fries, friends, fudge, funny hats, gemini, goin to feis's, green, halloween, harney dance academy, harney dance friends, harry potter, haunted mansion, icecream, inside jokes, internet paties, ireland, irish dance wigs, irish dancing, ketchup, las vegas, look at it!, lord of the rings, magazines, magical powers, marti gras beads, middle earth, midnites @ starbucks, mikey's modern dance, movies, music, nessa and lyndsay's clap(123456...), new york, nintendo, pepsi, piercings, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, playing cards, poison ivy, pool parties, pubs, road trips, rock candy, roxy, scary movies, shamrocks, shopping, sleeping, solitaire, space mountain, splash mountain, st. patricks day parade, st.patricks day, stars, summer, super mario cart, taboo, taco bell, taking pictures, talking on the phone, texas, the "i win" game, the beach, the buzzer game, the field, the i hate game, the little mermaid, the number 5, the woods pool, traveling, triple espresso, wicked soundtrack, witches, wizards, x-files, x-men, yankees, yum yum donuts