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the sad goodbye... [05 Sep 2005|07:31pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

well kids i think this is gonna be my fairwell to livejournal. i feel bad for neglecting it sooooo much. if u still wanna KIT with me then search for me on myspace(Lyndsaybelle)...or IM me @ cibeleabhar. thanks for the good times and thanks to those who always commented and read my stupid entries...u guys r the best!

Luvs ya always, Lyndsay

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summer days [23 Jun 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

poor poor LJ has been so neglected by me lately. i keep forgetting about it now that i have a myspace too. damn i need to get a life and got off the computer. ive turned into a myspace whore. its so sad. but i dont care. i love the internet. its a fabulous world! anywho. updates...my bday past JUNE 10th!!! great day i had with the SD gang...went to the mall with javi, sat by the lake with javi, nikki, and kyle for a few hours, then went and saw MR. and MRS. SMITH!! best fecking movie ive seen in a long time. brad pitt and angelina jolie did a fantastic job!!! moving on, i got crunked june 11th at a goin away party. good times. been goin to the beach ALOT!!! gotta soak up the salty sandy beach goodness before i return to hell paso. loves me that beach!!! attended some BBQ's at kijans and also my uncle steves house. good times there as well. tasty food every time! went to 6 flags yesterday with nick, ashley, and dave. it was feckin HOT out in the valley so we left early. our whitness couldnt take the heat!! i might have a job now. my aunts boss Leo wants to hire me for a job at his company called Qualis International. it would only be a summer thing, but i would make $10/hr. heck yes!! its not final yet though. ill have to see how things go tomarrow when i go finish helpin my aunt on this project at work. its easy, its just takin a long ass time cuz we have to put all this data on to spread sheets. PAIN IN THE ASS!!! i hope i get the job. well thats the short atory of my vacation so far. cant wait to go back to el paso. i miss it terribly. i wanna go home!!!
oooo and so happy right now cuz i finally got a hold of dane. i was so worried about him cuz i hadnt talked to him in forever! i got scared that he was made at me about soemthing(?) but i dont know what. yeah! hes alive...tear cuz hes goin to el paso tomarrow and im not there. i miss him!! i iwsh he would come visit me. that would be so awesome! well love ya hon!! hope to see ya soon. if not in cali then ill see ya in Alb. when i go visit dave and beth in august...well folks its time for me to end this entry...until next time, hope u all have a wonderful summer...

pepper rocks...my fav lyrics..."why dont u have some dirty hoty sex with me...it aint like im askin u to give it up for freeeee" sam rules for introducing me to this amazing band!!! loves ya chica!!

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schedule for fall 05...AHHHHHH!!!! [20 May 2005|04:20pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

so here is my schedule for fall of 2005!!

MWF Ballet 830-920
MWF Chemistry lecture 930-1020
MWF Criminal Justice 1301 1030-1120

TR English 1312 1200-120
TR Math 0311 130-250
T Chemistry Lab 300-350

its gonna be a crazy ass semester for me. STUDY STUDY STUDY. EEK! good times and ill be living on campus too which is extra awesome. cant wait! YES!!!!

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sassy weekend with rach-face and em!!! good times!! [17 May 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

its hard to believe ive been back in cali for almost 2 weeks now! heck yes!!! its great to be back, but i do miss el paso ALOT...yes i know its strange. i know u would understand if u were in my position. well anywho...ive been to the beach like everyday. me loves that ocean water! over the weekend i chilled with my homie g's rach-face, and emily! good times. met some cool peps and made some new buddies. good times at chapman! went to parties and sunday rach and i went to 6 flags! HECK YES!!!got times. we wore our "I heart Irish Boys" tshirts and 10 peps complimented us. we were sexy bitches that day! hehe! i also got to meet david...rachel's guy friend. he was a nice guy. kinda crazy, but nice. ive heard alot about him so i was glad i finally got to meet this crazy guy who my buddy likes so much. i guess i can finally approve. since he works @ 6 flags...we totally got the hookups...i felt like a VIP guest. we got on EXtreme and ragging rapids so fast. it was OUT-STACULAR! after dave left rach and i went on a few more rides then left. best weekend ever. many more to come. cant wait! well guys im out...ill be back to chat more latez...

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stampede...fun place! [23 Apr 2005|03:06am]
[ mood | flirty ]

last nite was tones-o-fun! dave, beth, and dane were in town...they are my homie g's from albequerque for those of u who dont know them...well yeah, i met up with them @ the stampede last nite. good times! i miss them so much and i was so happy i got to see them again. they are fun peps! plus dane is so funny...he totally knows how to make me smile and laugh. he had me crackin up the entire nite. hes such a flirt though...but thats ok. i loves attention...i dont get it very often so it was definitely nice to be noticed that way for a change. but yeah, good times chillin on the patio chatting with my long lost friends. im sad that they leave on sunday. the whole reason they came out in the first place was for beth's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BETH ON SUNDAY!!! im so jealous...she turns 21. i iwsh i were 21. :( oh well, 3 more years, i can wait. ok well its real late here in hell paso...me very very tired cuz i worked from 3 to 10. ewww i hate that shift...hopefully more good times with the gang tomarrow...kisses and hugs to all my loyal friends...+ kisses for dane cuz hes dane...hehe! <3

counting down the days till i go to CA...about 15 baby yeah!!!

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should be april 10th [11 Apr 2005|02:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]


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crazy blue sage workin kids... [09 Apr 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

last nite was a blast...after work, some coworker-friends and i went galavanting around till 3 am. we drove around the parking lot of our work for like an hour, kinda racing around and playing hide and seek. josh mooned us all! crazy guy...that was certainly not something i ever wanted to see. thank god i turned my head fast enough to were i only saw him start to pull down his pants. i saw no ass what-so-ever! thank god! we got tirted of doin that so we decided to go to walmart. toby and josh thought it would be funny to play hide-and-seek. girls against boys. toby and josh vs. me romina and elizabeth...i dont really know who won...i think it was mutual...nobody won or lost, we all kinda gave up after the first 2 rounds. still though, it was tons-o-fun!!!! after the walmart excursion we drove back to blue sage parking lot intending to end our nite, oh no...we talked outside our cars for another hour or so. it was great...lots of bonding between good friends. i dont know who started to idea of taking a shopping cart through the drive-thru of taco bell but we ended up doin it. romina and i sat in the cart while josh and toby pushed us. we are a bunch of CRAZY kids!!! we actually managed to order something. when we got to the window the person was kinda mad, but she let it slide just this once. then she asked if we all worked for blue sage and we said of course...and toby proceeded to tell the lady we couldnt afford a car, we were starving and thought the next best thing would be a shopping cart. in a way it is a vehicle...LoL! i know i know...insane! but it was great fun. i love hanging with the work homies, and hope to do this stuff more often...well i gots to go now...last nite was awesomely out-stacular! looking forward to more good times in the future...

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road trips are so cool!! [28 Mar 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

well ive been busy...school was over for a week due to spring break. worked all spring break till saturday...great day, went to albuquerque, nm with my buddy zakk to visit our friends david and beth. loads of fun, stayed till sunday afternoon. <

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well ive been busy...school was over for a week due to spring break. worked all spring break till saturday...great day, went to albuquerque, nm with my buddy zakk to visit our friends david and beth. loads of fun, stayed till sunday afternoon. <<I GOT TO SEE SNOW FALL FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! SO AWESOME!!!>> long ass drive, let me tell u! 5 hours in the car both ways, my ass hurt so much. we raced these bitches in a crappy toyota-something for like 30 minutes. LMAO! we smoked them, and i learned my car can reach 115 mph. OUT-STACULAR! good times! well i cant wait till david and beth come to hell paso to visit for beth's b-day! more good times comin. well school is back...eww! i hate it!! cant wait till summer...seein the homies over in san diego, ca. gonna be sweet yo! well gotta go now and finish reading for my UNIV-Studies class. maybe ill be back laterz to chat some more wit y'all...byez and have a great evening. <3 B.B(inside joke/ new nickname)
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HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! [17 Mar 2005|05:10pm]
[ mood | drunk ]







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well...being sad sux! [10 Mar 2005|10:36pm]
[ mood | sad ]

well today i found out my uncle will be leaving for Iraq in May. im really scared and upset about this. i dont want him there...i never thought this day would come. i never wanted it too either. yeah, i know we have our differences and fight sometimes, but still...i would never under any circumstance want him to be sent there. i dont know what to do. i know there is nothing i can do about it to stop this from happening...its inevitable. hmmm...well im not that religious, but i know ill be praying for his safe return in september, i hope others will do the same. thanks all...ill be back laterz to chat a lil more with y'all. byez :(

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rambling entries rock! [22 Feb 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

blah blah blah....

breaking news...lyndsay, javi, and kijan are famous...WHY? you ask...because we are all on the donnie darko directors cut DVD in the special features. details laterz, just call and ill be totally willing to tell u...

harry potter book 6 comes out july 16th!!!

good news kids...lyndz is coming to cali...for the WHOLE SUMMER!!!!!!!!

i love the garden state cd!

wow this entry is full of strange info. i like rambling!


i need to go to the gym...talk laterz lj homies...<3 lyndz



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sexy friday, outing saturday, busy sunday... [14 Feb 2005|01:13am]
[ mood | horny ]

ok...lets update on lyndz life...this past week was pretty lame, till the weekend. went to school, went to work. blah blah blah. friday nite kicked ass! went to the movies with rye, we watched boogeyman. holy shit! i was scared. jumped ALOT! they did an awesome job with suspense. went back to rye's...stayed all nite... (insert flirty face here) im just gonna leave it at that. moving on, saturday i worked till 7. went to fudrruckers with zakk and scott. then we went to tinseltown to watch the aviator. BORING! holy crap, longest fecking movie ever. 3 hours!!!!! i wanted to rip my hair out half way through. got home around 2 am. and finally the week comes to an end on this day, sunday. today i worked till 7 again. the store was having a fundraiser for the child crisis center so it was hella packed all day long! after i was finally free, i chilled with zakk to try and cheer him up. poor best friend is all depressed about some stuff, details not to be mentioned here. had a good time though. we played mario cart 64. i havent played that in forever! it was awesome. i whooped zakk's ass. lmao! then we went to mcdonalds and got mcflurrys. YUM! well i guess this entry is coming to an end cuz ive got nothin left to say. nitey nite all. tty again soon. much luv!

tomarrow is monday...valentines day...i wonder what my plans will consist of?????...."gimme some lovin!" ;) <3lyndz

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update part two [04 Feb 2005|04:03pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

continuing on...saturday nite i chilled @ rye's apartment. we "watched" movies...butterfly affect and sky captain and the world of tomarrow. hanging out with rye alone was hella fun! details, not goin to mention those. hehe! worked sunday morning...that sucked ass! that nite i went to watch Lord of the Dance with scott, zakk, and katie! IT WAS SOOOOOOO FECKING AWESOME! OMG! u dont even know, i was so excited that day to watch it and watching it that nite made me so sosososo happy. it also made me really miss dancing. i wish there was a irish dance school in el paso. i think it would be so great if riverdance could come here as well. i really wanna see that show too. some day...

monday i went with my friend to pyscha so she could get her tongue pierced. that was funny. she couldnt talk at all afterwards. hehe! poor april. tuesday and wednesday...boring, nothing happened. thursday i went to school then hung out with rye some more...hehehehe! we get along so well. left his place pretty late last nite. we kinda watched alien vs. predator. interesting movie, but since i had never seen a alien or a predator movie i had no clue what was happening. well yet again its friday, no plans so far but if anyone thinks of any just give me a call. ttyl lj kids.

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update part one... [02 Feb 2005|03:16pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well it really has been a long ass time since ive updated this poor lil lj. ive just been so busy with other things. lots happened since my last entry. first i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest friend JAVI!!! i know its late, but i did call u on that day so u cant get mad. umm ive been workin and been busy with school lately. last friday i went to a monster truck show...it was awesome for like 5 minutes then it got boring. I KNOW! me @ a monster truck show...well it was friday, i was bored and scott asked me and zakk to go with him so i said what the heck, might as well go so im not alone on a friday nite.plus it was free. cant pass up a free outing! after the show, i went with scott to King's X, this bar on mesa to chill for a bit. that was kinda boring too, especially once this crazy guy started talkin to us. we left shortly after that. well kids, i must go now but i will finish this laterz...i gots work now! POO ON WORK! luv ya lots, see ya all laterz.

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remembering past times... [17 Jan 2005|11:52pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

so today i got some old film developed. pics from javi's bday last year, karens tatoo outing, disneyland, and my romantic date with kijan in coronado (hehe) and other really old stuff like that. it was weird lookin at all those pictures. brought back some really great memories. i miss those days. i got a photo album today from target and put it together too. i also found my pics from prom that i have been lookin for. that was awesome. i pretty much spent all day alone, running errands, i even went over to barnes and noble and sat around reading this book jon stewart wrote about the american govt. very interesting and funny! jon stewart kicks ass! then i read a book on usless info. while i was putting my album together zakk made a random appearence at my house. he is such a dork. while he was still at my house he told me, while lookin at pics on my dresser, that branden looked like elijah wood. i dont see it at all, but like i just said...zakk is a dork. anywho, we went to game stop so he could sell these movies for some cash. he needed me to go cuz u cant do it if ur not 18 and he isnt. i was used. but not in a fun way (hehe). i guess they dont trust minors to not sell them stolen goods. i understand completely, but then again many 18 year olds are immature too so why trust them? maybe its cuz 18 year olds are adults and can be held liable for there own actions and get punished more severely for there actions. hmmm....

well after that fiasco, zakk took me home and ive been watching "i love the 90's part duex" ever since. that show is so awesome. i totally remember all the things they are talkin about. i love it!
yep so that was my day off for Martin Luther King Jr day. hopefully everyone else had a nice day off too...luv ya lj friends and talk to ya laterz

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my lil adventure today...i hate dilemmas,what do i do?? [15 Jan 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

todays events consisted of lots of money being spent...i mean big bucks! i took zakk to the honda dealer with me cuz my car needed an oil change...well to keep this short my car also needed fecking new breaks...lets just say the breaks on the car when i took it there were basically metal slabs...no pads on them whatsoever! how the feck did my car get that way? i just started hearing this weird grinding noise yesterday and i thought my grandparents just got all this work doneon the car so i wouldnt have to worry...how were they that bad? i was sooooo scared i almost cried. i think if zakk wasnt there i would have had a meltdown...thanks best friend! he always knows how to cheer me up, thats why i luv him so much, my bestest buddy ever...well that fiasco cost me...really my grandparents cuz they wanted to pay for it since they gave me the car just last year...it cost $194.60! for fecking breaks and the oil change! holy crap! well after that fiasco finally ended 3 hours later i took zakk home( i kinda felt bad for putting him through all that boredom) then headed over to UTEP to buy my books for school. my teachers are crazy! one class i bought a total of 8 books. wtf! do they think we are made of money???? well anywho, that cost me $294.00!!!!! last semester i spent about $150...again i ask wtf? well anywho, in the span of 5 hours i managed to spend about $500! wow! i need to stop spending money for a few days...let my bank account take a rest...hehe yeah right. well i guess thats it. the lesson here kids is dont let ur car get as bad as mine unless u like being in situations like this.

so on another note, i really like this guy at work. i believe we would be so great together. but then comes the reason why i havent said anything. one of my close friends likes him alot she definitely shows it more than me and plus everyone at work knows it too. even he knows she does. lucky for me he doesnt like her that way at all. i dont think my crush knows i like him, but many people at work have said that him and i would be such a great couple. dang it! i know they are right. i wonder if they say the same thing to him? and i wonder how he reacts to them saying it? i dont know what to do. i dont want to hurt my friend, but i cant deny my feelings just because she likes him too. hmmmm.......

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random thoughts??? [13 Jan 2005|12:15am]
[ mood | amused ]

hey kids!

random thoughts...time to bust out the "i hates"...i hate when u know someone is online, u start conversation, then they dont respond. is it that hard to say sorry cant talk now im busy??? or when u call someone and they dont answer,  or when u make plans with someone and at the last minute they flake on u...ive probabaly got many more "i hates" just like those...and yes im probably guilty of doin those things as well, but im still allowed to hate them!

sorry for the bitching, just some random thoughts i had today.

anne: nice dream...me and u smokers??? wtf! and me smoking just to lose weight??? and u smoking to impress me?? how silly! random dreams like that make u wonder...thinking about that kept me alive for the last 3 hours of that stupid class i took today! thanks a bunch!

so yeah, made some friends in my english class. one of them was named alex...hes in this local band called flying like war, Branden u know them right? anywho he seems like a cool guy, hopefully he will keep me posted on when the band plays so i can go watch :)

well i think im done rambling for tonite so talk to ya laterz kids...and remember dont drink and drive!

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good times and bad times... [09 Jan 2005|11:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

today was so much fun! woke up and went to target, best buy, and sunland park mall with my good friend romina. went to work and had a blast. it was pretty dead all day so we were messing around all day! especially around 7 till 9. kick ass! probably one of my fav work days ever! first the re3giasters crap out for like 5 minutes.then toby was being so freakin hilerious! i luv him! toby, amber, and i were cracking jokes about stupid stuff for hours. then we busted out the rubber bands...those hurt so much when they hit u. adam and toby kept shooting my ass. no fair! they ganged up on me. oh well. we still had loads of fun. even customers were comin up to us saying we were having to much fun. hope nobody tells gean cuz then fun times at work will be over forever. POO ON GEAN! i think my work hates me though...tear. im only scheduled 2 days next week. whats that about??? especially since im so used to workin every day! what did i do??? in a way its good cuz now ill pay more attention to school...then again no i wont. i should, but im such a procrastinator and with ADD i cant pay that much attention to it. tear again.

well anywho, school starts up again at the crack of dawn so i better go get some sleep...rest up for tomarrow so i dont fall asleep in class. bye for now...

ps: best wishes to the coolest coffee-shop guy at my work ever! GET BETTER SOON HERB! we miss ya already...

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lmao! "freakin idiot"...french fry experiment! [05 Jan 2005|01:01am]
[ mood | curious ]

ok yeah i know i just updated but i must write a bit more before i forget...Napoleon Dynamite is the best movie ever! if u havent seen it there is a serious problem. and also...Supersize Me. all i gotta say is WTF! i will never eat McDonalds again. never ever. i didnt really like the place to begin with but now i am completely disgusted with it! *insert barf noises* i really wanna try the french fry experiment though! that was digustingly awesome!!! i wanna know how long those things really do last! ok yeah thats it...bye again...

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back to h"el"l paso [05 Jan 2005|12:38am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i can honestly say its been a while since ive updated my lj. so today i came back to my other home (el paso).if u really wanna know what happened then feel free to ask. i just dont wanna be rambling on and on about everything ive done the past 3 weeks cuz then this entry will be rediculously long. i know ur gonna wanna shoot me after i say this but yes kids its good to be back. i enjoyed the 3 week vacation in san diego so damn much, but its good to be back as well. it had to end sometime. im glad it ended on a good note. i had the bestest time just chillin with my cali homies! GOOD TIMES! very surprised at how much certain peps have changed though. kinda upseting too. but whatever! my return made me realize who my "true" lifelong friends are. u kids are the greatest bunch of friends i could ever ask for. much love and thanks to u!i will always be there for u select few even if i am 300+ miles away. we will be together again soon.

so anywho...HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!! so my new years resolution for the year 2005 is to get a boyfriend. hopefully that will workout. well yeah, thats all ive got to say so i guess i will talk to everyone laterz...much love to all. hope everyone had as great a vacation as me!

ps: to all my cali friends: Miss Ya Already!!!!!!!!

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